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Cigar Flavour Light
Cigar Length 123mm
Cigar Ring Guage 40mm
Shape Petit Corona
Vitola Standard Mano
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Fonseca Delicias is a Cuban cigar 123 mm (4 7/8 ») long and 40 (15.88 mm), presents Vitola de Galera Standard Mano. Enjoy 50 minutes of smoking with the best flavors and aromas. Francisco Fonseca founded a brand of cigars to which he gave his name, and from the beginning he worried that it would reflect the care he put in the shapes and appearance. He presented his cigars in tissue paper, a characteristic that is maintained today and that gives a marked personality to cigars. Their ligatures are made with casings and capote cigars selected in Vuelta Abajo, province of Pinar del Río. Fonseca vitolas are made by hand with long gut or short gut. Part of the short gut production comes from the Semi Vuelta area.

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