1. How do I know if they are genuine cigars?

HABANOSPLANET.COM are products distributed authorized agents of Habanos SA, in the Caribbean region.

2.. Where are they located?

HABANOSPLANET.COM is registered in Panama City - Switzerland

Where do you come from?

orks as an exclusive and authorized distributor in Panama City and Switzerland, but we ship to any country in the world.

3. What are my guarantees for the optimal preservation of cigars?

The guarantee offered by HABANOSPLANET.COM we are distributors of 100% Cuban cigars and its conservation is optimal. Our cigarettes are stored in appropriate and relevant conditions with a temperature of around 18. C to 19. C with humidity of 69 to 70% in professional cabinets suitable for our cigars. The organization of your order is made directly from the cabinets so that our customers receive their orders in perfect condition and other fresh.

4. How can I be sure that I will be totally satisfied?

HABANOSPLANET.COM is proposing to always guarantee the satisfaction of our customers but if you are not satisfied with the conditions of reception and quality of the product, you only have to return them and once received in our company, Cuban Habanos in their Original box and in the same state of delivery, that way we will send you another box or return the money (this policy applies if the product is in the same state as it was shipped)


REFUND: In return for the reasons listed below will be issued a refund of 92% of the value of your purchase, as long as the product is returned in its original sealed box. 

You have up to 14 days to report the return of the product to our email:

Reasons for return: 

1- Not satisfied with the product received.

2 - Products in poor condition or damaged.


5. What is the level of confidentiality?

HABANOSPLANET.COM confidentially keeps all information that our customers provide us is for them that we do not sell or disclose to third parties the information at the time of making a purchase or registration on our website, thereby ensuring the Privacy of each client's personal data. Currently HABANOSPLANET.COM has a 128-bit SSL certificate in this way we guarantee the total security of each and every one of the data posted in our Digital organization.

6. How will I know my order has been sent?

At the time of ordering in HABANOSPLANET.COM will be issued an email notifying the order then you must wait 3 days for verification of payment made and proceed to send your Habanos. 

7. How long will it take to get my cigars?

From 3 to 4 weeks will be in your hands your package (We Deliver Worldwide by EMS Courier and Swiss Post), normally the shipment is done the same day once you have made your order. If there is a delay in delivery for example, we will contact you and give you the option to cancel. 

US shipments, have a retention irrigation, by laws against products of Cuban origin. For these cases, no refund of your purchase is applied.

It is important to know that a large part of our customers is from the United States, most orders and packages have arrived without any problem.


8. What is the shipping cost?

HABANOSPLANET.COM in some cases offers free shipping only if there is any promotion at the moment, he sent free is for all but orders made from Canada or Asia. For comments and questions you should contact us to request the shipping cost of our products according to the country.

9. Can you make me an invoice with a lower price than the original to avoid paying taxes or paying less taxes?

In HABANOSPLANET.COM we are to please our customers for them if we issue bills with a lower price than the original invoice, I hope is made with the countries where the taxes are very high so that they do not affect so much when acquiring our cigars . The invoice is made prior to our client not notify the price you want to appear on it.

10. How many taxes will I have to pay in my country?

The cost of the tax depends on the country from which it comes, but in most cases it has a cost of $40 per box of Habanos, usually the package goes through the Aduna and no payment must be issued for shipping. We do not reimburse customers who do not want to pay their taxes and do not want to withdraw their packages.



General purchasing Policies

- The client HABANOSPLANET.COM to have mandatory 21 years or more, to be of age, in his place of residence, to order tobacco products of HABANOSPLANET.COM
- For payment Terms HABANOSPLANET.COM offers international bank transfer payment.
HABANOSPLANET.COM stipulates that published offers cannot be combined with other promotions offered.
- Prices for HABANOSPLANET.COM products may vary without prior notice.
- The price list issued by us is stipulated without any sales commitment.
HABANOSPLANET.COM reserves the right to limit the amounts that the customer wants to purchase.

At the time of adding any of the products HABANOSPLANET.COM to the shopping cart in case this is in the stock or is available the shipment will be made between one and five business days.

The shipment is charged at a fixed rate of $25 EMS  - USPS Courier-USPS for all international orders. Shipping can be free for promotional orders.

International Customs and Duties:

All rates and taxes applicable in the destination country shall be the responsibility of the customer. We suggest you contact your customs agency for further information. We will not be liable for any delay on the order delivery caused by customs services. Please note that we are not responsible for any duties, tariffs, taxes, or other restrictions imposed by the destination country. Tobacco related laws differ from one country to another and any VAT, taxes, or customs, if applicable, shall be paid upon receipt of shipment. The customer is responsible to know their own countries tobacco import laws and regulations before placing their order.

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