The layer is the outer sheet of the cigar, it is the part that we see. In the layer the aesthetics influences a lot so that the cigar looks with a good finish



It is the inner and most important part of the cigar. The flavor and aroma of the cigar will depend on the mixture of leaves that form the gut.



The cloak is the first sheet that wraps the gut of the cigar. It lies between the layer and the gut.

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Being an expert in premium cigars means knowing emblematic brands of the Cuban cigar industry such as "Partagás", "Montecristo" and "Cohiba". And is that since the nineteenth century, the Caribbean island produces a tobacco of incomparable flavor. Before, it was part of the ritual of the trip to Cuba, going to the cigar factory and stocking up on special pieces that accompanied a good conversation or letting yourself be seduced by the black market tobacco and the proposals of its merchants. Cuba had not been able to market its tobacco in many countries because of the blockade of the United States, the main consumer of tobacco in the world. This reality changed in September when trade restrictions were lifted and the product began to be distributed more accessible to the public.



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